Chief Complaints

Each visit is recorded according to date, visit number, chief complaints auto loaded on typing initial few letters of complaints.


Each visit is recorded according to date, with the initial common registration. Includes Present History, Past History, Family History, Personal Habits, Past Treatment, Present Medications. Two boxes for detailed present history. Data from these is taken automatically for compilation of Case Summary.


General and Systemic General exam includes separate text boxes for findings such as anaemia, clubbing, cyanosis, oedema, lymph nodes, ENT, eye, joint, skin, etc. special features include the ability to view past BP, temperature and weight recordings on double clicking same. . (For Paediatricians, standard height weight & head circumference chart is separately provided.) Systemic Examination subdivided into different systems eg. CVS, Resp. GI , CNS and provision given for both detailed notes and for general impression in each category. Additional features become available such Admission Date, Discharge date, Hospital Course. This information is used for automated print out of various discharge summary or medical certificates.