can prescribe can any number of drugs. Single click choose the drug name, dose, administration, etc. Single click to view properties of any drug in prescription. List of drugs available to select from details of dosing given with each drug facility for repeating and or editing past prescription . View Past: All the Past Prescriptions of Same Patient can be reviewed

Build in intelligence: If you select a drug pt is allergic to, dialogue box warning allergy pops up. So also if there is drug interaction, disease contraindication, contraindication in pregnance / child. Sinlge click you can see all alternate Tradenames of same chemical with or without combination with price-company name for choosing. Another click you can see the properties of the drug! While typing, click arrow, so you can spell properly, as you type, you can see chemical contents.(Helpful if you overlook in hurry!)

         Click here to see various font options/More of sample prescritions